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Exodus Vision Tee



This Exodus Vision Tee is perfect for all occasions. Sizes run pretty typical for T-Shirts. Not too tight, not too loose. Great fit, great quality that is comfortable. Fabrics are nice and soft, comfortable and stylish. Show off your favorite company, and let the Exodus Vision Sunset Tee remind you to spend time building your tribe and your family while looking good at the same time.



This is the Exodus Vision, “an Exodus from culture to build community.” This means making an effort to take responsibility on ourselves for every single thing that it takes to be and maintain a society. In essence, actually becoming a society which is capable of self governance. As a culture we have been lulled to sleep and become dependent on someone else’s farm for food, someone else’ store for supplies, someone else’s business for money, and some one else’s movie or story for a since of  acceptance, and accomplishment. Most of the time we haven’t the faintest clue who this someone else is.

Each of us has a proper place, a specific quality or skill that only we can provide, and we know enough other people with the right individual skills to build sustainable communities independent of unknown conglomerates such as foreign governments. Although, we tend to neglect our own qualities and those of the people around us because what we want (or think we need) for the immediate moment is readily available just down the road by a corporate giant we may never meet. We trade our money and resources with these foreign entities where a small portion gets pored back into our own community in the form of payroll and then the true value is never seen by us again. Why do we do this?

Our Exodus Vision

If you have read through our Exodus Values Table Tee (if you haven’t, you definitely should), “Why is Community not one of their core values?” you may be thinking to yourself. There is one simple reason. Building community is more than a core value to us. Building community is our purpose. This is our vision, the reason for the Exodus. To create a Community that is built on those values. Along with this purpose is to instill a set of ideals that can benefit everyone in every walk of life, no matter what your chosen direction is.

Revival, Truth, Vision, Purpose. These four concepts are all but lost, a void in our culture. A culture devoid of these four things is the culture of a society which is on the edge of destruction. Without Vision, Purpose, and Truth, people perish. We need to Revive ourselves, and each other. It is time. Join the EXODUS

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Become The Exodus.

The Exodus Companies exists to renew our culture in our nation and our world. By living lives of example, we can initiate true reformation and revival. Our 2023 season is over and we are preparing our 2024 season. Stay tuned, much more is coming. Have some questions or topic recommendations? Email: and we’ll get right back to you.