An Exodus from Culture

to Build Community

The Exodus Mission

The Exodus Companies are a collective of brands that exist to form a new community. Our driving force is our belief that culture has been degraded and weakened over time intentionally to create dependent people. Our mission is to refocus and re-engage those who desire to travel a different path. We create the Exodus in order to build a new Community. Each brand has its own mission and purpose in existence. Each brand will create a tribe and tailor to a different aspect of YOUR Exodus from this culture. #TheExodus


Exodus Companies Podcast

HEADline Hunting: Weather Control, Election Rigging, G7

In this episode of HeadLine Hunting, we went through some juicy ones. New Delhi wants to create rain, Jewish Americans are seeking gun training, Ukraine want's to stop elections, and…

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An Exodus of Culture

Become The Exodus.

The Exodus Companies exists to renew our culture in our nation and our world. By living lives of example, we can initiate true reformation and revival. Our 2023 season is over and we are preparing our 2024 season. Stay tuned, much more is coming. Have some questions or topic recommendations? Email: and we’ll get right back to you.