"This is An Exodus from Culture to Build Community"

The Exodus Mission

The Exodus Companies are a collective of brands that exist to form a new community. Our driving force is our belief that culture has been degraded and weakened over time intentionally to create dependent people. Our mission is to refocus and re-engage those who desire to travel a different path. We create the Exodus in order to build a new Community. Each brand has its own mission and purpose in existence. Each brand will create a tribe and tailor to a different aspect of YOUR Exodus from this culture.

The phrase we operate under is “An Exodus from Culture to Build Community”. We believe that our people are hungry for truth and a return to our foundational principles in this nation. We believe that for too long we have consumed media and narratives that have removed truth and instead injected a twisted reality into our nation. In order to speak truth and create this cultural movement, our team operates under a specific set of core values. These core values are the beliefs that drive our actions. Beliefs that push us to speak, build, act, and live as an example of what we believe the Exodus is.

1. Take the Road Less Traveled.

We believe in doing the hard, honest work. We commit to honest business practices and put everything we have into this. We recognize that through doing business better, we change lives for the better. The road less traveled means:

– Using honest business practices
– Taking care of our team and investing in their futures
– Taking care of our customers and supporters
– Following through and doing what we say we will do


We cultivate and create leaders among our team. In our personal lives and in our work lives we step up. We take ownership of what is ours and do what we say we will do when we say we will do it. Through effective leadership, we can impact those around us every day, internally and externally.


In a world full of consumerism and endless unnecessary and repetitive products, we create products that solve real problems for REAL people. If we don’t believe in the product, we won’t build it, offer it or promote it.


We don’t believe in half-assed work. We whole-ass our work. If we believe it needs doing, we do it with purpose and community in mind.


We believe through truth and ethics we can build a tribe of people who go on to effect change in their communities in a better way. We don’t fear truth and we speak the truth, even when it is hard.

We are driven to refocus our nation and its people on the truth. Some of the foundational truths we believe in are:

1.) Built for liberty and freedom. We believe that we as individuals ought to chart our own paths, not simply be swayed by the whims and desires of those around us.

2.) Built for Exploration. We are built to explore, to see the world. We will create a culture of wanderers and explorers.

3.) Built to Create. We are built to create. When problems arise, we believe our people are built to create solutions. From art and media to hard goods, we are called to create. Art and Culture go hand in hand.

4.) Built to influence. We are built to speak TRUTH no matter what.

5.) Built to Inspire. We are built to inspire others, encourage each other, and hold each other accountable to a higher standard of life.

Become The Exodus.

The Exodus Companies exists to renew our culture in our nation and our world. By living lives of example, we can initiate true reformation and revival. Our 2023 season is over and we are preparing our 2024 season. Stay tuned, much more is coming. Have some questions or topic recommendations? Email: and we’ll get right back to you.