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Exodus Guatemala Medium Roast



Grounded in Revival, Truth, Vision, and Purpose.

The Exodus Companies is grounded in a critical mission: to revive our culture and build a new community. We speak often of the Seven F’s of culture (Faith, Family, Fitness, Finance, Fulfillment, Freedom, and Fruition)  and that pursuing them leads to a more purposeful life. What if every single morning you could wake up to not only amazing coffee, but a reminder that you are meant for a higher purpose? Every action in our lives is a choice. We choose today to be grounded in the principles of the Exodus. What can you expect from the Guatemala Medium Roast?

  • High quality, clean, ethically sourced coffee beans (Guatemala Single Origin).
  • Organic Coffee Beans. WHOLE BEAN, NOT GROUND.
  • Locally roasted for us here in Lancaster PA by our friends Cocalico Coffee Crafters
  • Small batch = coffee that doesn’t sit for months after roasting = taste bud heaven.
  • Smooth, robust and elegant flavor. Our coffee cravers call it a silky sugar, a dessert coffee.
  • An aroma like no other, you will be very pleased with this high quality roast.
  • 16 ounces vs other 12 ounce bags. More coffee = more better. Caffeinate, hydrate, be great.

By purchasing coffee from us you are supporting a NEW Exodus. A renewal of our bodies, minds, spirits, and communities. Drink up, there is much work to do.

Buy 3 or more bags of coffee (any roast), get 15% off your coffee order automatically!


Exodus Guatemala Medium Roast

Exodus Guatemala Medium Roast is our second entry into the world of coffee. This coffee is an insanely smooth, rich, flavorful cup of coffee in every pour. Fairly sourced, clean, organic coffee. Purposefully crafted for those who desire only the best in every cup. Suitable for all occasions and coffee crafting styles, the Guatemala Medium Roast is sure to be one of your favorites.

Building Partnerships to Create the Exodus

Purpose, Vision, and truth are the drivers behind The Exodus Companies. No Bro Vets, No Gunbunnys. Simply quality coffee roasted to perfection in small batches right here in Lancaster Pennsylvania. We partnered with our friends over at Cocalico Coffee Crafters to bring you a quality cup for your journey called life. Cocalico Coffee Crafters is a staple to us, close friends who care about our culture as much as we do. Craftsmanship, Expertise, and care.

Just another coffee product?

Not so! Revival is our purpose. In all things we are driven to renew. Can your coffee brand say the same thing? We are Grounded in the Seven F’s of Culture:

  • Faith
  • Family
  • Fitness
  • Finance
  • Fulfillment
  • Freedom
  • Fruition
Small Batch Produced to Maintain Quality and Character.

Nobody wants to consume coffee that was roasted 9 months ago. We small batch roast to demand. The aroma of this small batch coffee meets your senses immediately. We care about you, we care about our culture. Your coffee should be up to your mission and adventure. Good news: You found the good stuff. Bean on, brothers and sisters. Caffeinate, hydrate, be great.

Specifications of Exodus Ethiopian Light Roast Coffee:
  • Whole Bean (NOT GROUND)
  • Medium roast: Full of flavor, bold on the tastebuds.
  • Pleasant aroma reminds us of adventures deep in the woodlands of northern Pennsylvania.
  • Our connoisseurs note a silky sugar experience. Perfect for those who enjoy medium roast coffees that excite the tastebuds with every sip.
  • 16 ounces vs 12 ounces from MOST other brands
  • Roasted by demand meaning our coffee doesn’t sit in a warehouse for 9 months prior to shipping
  • USDA Organic
  • Fair Trade, Guatemala Single Origin
Frequently Asked Questions:
1.) What is the best method for brewing coffee?

Answer: If you ask Jared, he’s rocking his Chemex in the wee hours of the morning. If you ask Brenton, he’s rocking the aero press. According to Ethan, a standard drip coffee maker will work. If you ask Jarren: you should just eat the beans whole. Kidding! The Reality is this roast will brew in whatever method your heart desires. There might be a raging debate over which method is best, but one this IS certain: This coffee is always amazing.

2.) How is the acidity of this coffee roast?

Answer: This is a very smooth, low acid roast that results in a flavorful cup of quality coffee. Geez. We make our mouths water just thinking about it. Seriously. #offtogetanothercup

3.) How “woke” is the Exodus Companies Coffee Brand?

Answer: If we could send a machine gun with each bag, we would. Also: The ATF is gay. Sit back, calm down. Nobody touched you. You’ll be ok, princess.


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Become The Exodus.

The Exodus Companies exists to renew our culture in our nation and our world. By living lives of example, we can initiate true reformation and revival. Our 2023 season is over and we are preparing our 2024 season. Stay tuned, much more is coming. Have some questions or topic recommendations? Email: and we’ll get right back to you.